Anzahl: Stk.


With precision definition, an oversized bell and the distinctive Classics Custom Dark finish, the Heavy Dark ride blares with an authoritative cut that can take charge of just about any playing situation. Its medium-heavy weight gives you extra lift to really let your ride playing shine for rock or metal styles. Made from B10 bronze alloy that is known for its refined tone and powerful character.

Size: 20"
Type: Ride
Styles: Metal/Rock/Pop/Studio
Timbre: Bright
Character: Explosive/Cutting
Pitch: High
Volume: High
Sustain: Medium to Long
Weight: Extra Heavy
Shaping: Pressure Point Technology/Computerized Hammering
Finish: Dark
Material: B10 Bronze
Lathe: Wide Blade
Made in: Germany
to clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner