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Outstanding traditional sounds and looks from the MEINL Percussion Artisan Edition Riq Drum comes with effortless touch. Rooted in Arabic folk and classical music, this drum features ten pairs of rich and cutting brass jingles with a special textured finish. The wood shell is finished in an exquisite white burl mosaic royale motif. A synthetic 8 3/4" head is secured with five tuning lugs and a lightweight aluminum rim. This head has a wide dynamic range and can support the high-tension tunings Riqs are typically played with. Doum and tak strokes, as well as finger rolls, resound with beautiful overtones from the head and jingles. Bag and tuning key included.

Product Features: Artisan sounds for Arabic folk and classical music
Ten pairs of brass jingles
Five tuning lugs
White burl mosaic royale finish
Wooden frame

Materials: Wooden frame
Synthetic head
Height inch: 2.5
Includes: Bag
Tuning Key
Proposition 65: yes
Finish: Mosaic Royale
Head: Synthetic
Jingle Type:

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