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The MEINL Percussion FX20 Effects Pedal puts the power to add percussion at the feet of any musician. Toggle between ten pre-programmed percussion samples plus an additional ten custom samples of your own. Included is a micro SD card to load custom sounds. An A/B switch keeps the two sample lists separate and allows you to easily change between them. The dynamic steel pedal has a sensitive and smooth spring back with no sound interference, while the trigger responds seamlessly to any rhythmic pattern. A durable ABS casing houses the electronics and is weighted to give you a solid feel on any surface. Perfect for multi-instrumentalists and percussionists, the pedal includes volume control, an 1/8” headphone jack and ¼” jacks for stereo or mono out.

Product Features: Ideal for multi-instrumentalists and percussionists
Ten pre-programmed percussion samples + ten custom samples
Weighted body for a sturdy feel
Highly dynamic pedal with smooth spring back an no sound interference
Includes micro SD card and power supply with international adapters

Sounds: 0 - Kick Bass; 1 - Soft Kick; 2 - 808 Bass; 3 - 808 Snare; 4 – HiHat; 5 – Clave; 6 - Hand Clap; 7 – Cowbell; 8 - Straight Tambourine; 9 - Shaker
Materials: ABS & Steel
Colors: Black
Width inch: 9
Height inch: 5
Depth inch:
Length inch: 13
Size Comment:
Included Products:
Proposition 65: yes

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