10"/12"/14" Byzance Vintage - Smack Stack

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The Byzance Vintage Smack Stack features three B20 bronze discs shaped to create a distinctive sound effect. The stack can be manipulated by adjusting the tension of the cymbal stand’s wing nut. Increased tension produces a crisp attack and short decay ideal for quick accents, while loose settings yield a longer sustain. Works well when paired with a snare drum for enhanced back beats, or as an alternative to your snare altogether. The discs are sized 10”, 12”, and 14”.

Unique Sound;;B20 Bronze Alloy;;Special Surface Treatment

Finish: Dark;;Raw
Material: B20 Bronze
Product Type: Smack Stack
Pitch: Low
Character: Experimental;;Vintage;;Dry
Timbre: Dark
Volume: Medium To Low
Lathe: None
To Clean: not recommended
Shaping: Bending
Sustain: Short
Music Style: Pop;;Fusion;;Funk;;R&B;;Studio;;Electro
Size Cymbal 1: 10
Size Cymbal 2: 12
Size Cymbal 3: 14
Size Cymbal 4:
Size Cymbal 5:
Size Cymbal Stack:
Weight Cymbal: Medium


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