17" Pure Alloy Custom - Medium Thin Crash

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Pure Alloy cymbals sonically bridge the gap between the darker and brighter cymbals in Meinl’s lineup, filling the middle ground. Their shimmering, smooth sounds cut with agility and have a full range of tonality with medium sustain making them perfect for all dynamic levels. The crashes and rides have a perfect mix of effortless strength and a balanced wash, while the hihats carry a clean, refined definition.

Expressively dark crashes with thin edges but thicker unlathed bells. Projecting quickly in an explosive blast, and then immediately coming down to a quiet roar and short sustain. The bell offers another sonic voice with penetrating attack and volume when played alone.

Materials: Pure Alloy
Finish: Smoked-Bronze; Brilliant
Material: Pure Alloy
Product Type: Crash
Pitch: Low-Mid
Character: Complex; Full-bodied; Musical; Sensitive; Smooth; Warm
Timbre: Mid-Dark
Volume: Medium to Low
Lathe: Pinpoint
To Clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner
Shaping: Computerized Hammering
Sustain: Medium
Music Style: Rock; Pop; Fusion; R&B; Reggae; Studio
Size Cymbal: 17
Weight Cymbal: Medium Thin

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