20" Byzance Traditional - Polyphonic Crash

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Starting with hand-hammering and following with hand lathing in Turkey, the word 'traditional' accurately describes their hand forged shape and deeply rooted sound. The Traditional series features our broadest voice for Byzance, with a wide variety of sizes and weights that blend into any musical setting. Made in Turkey from B20 bronze, hand-hammered into shape, narrow blade lathing, and traditional finish.

Expressively dark crashes with thin edges but thicker unlathed bells. Projecting quickly in an explosive blast, and then immediately coming down to a quiet roar and short sustain. The bell offers another sonic voice with penetrating attack and volume when played alone.

Materials: B20 Bronze
Finish: Traditional
Material: B20 Bronze
Product Type: Crash
Pitch: Low-Mid
Character: Warm; Smooth
Timbre: Mid-Dark
Volume: Medium
Lathe: Narrow Blade
To Clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner
Shaping: Hand Hammered
Sustain: Medium
Music Style: Rock; Pop; Fusion; Jazz; Funk; R&B; Reggae; Studio; World
Size Cymbal: 20
Weight Cymbal: Medium

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