8"/16" Byzance Vintage - Smack Stack Add-On Pack

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Its unusual sandblasted surface gives it a soft feel and a distinct matte finish. Its low, dark and somewhat dry washy sound isn’t too soft or loud. With its great stick definition and short sustain, you can dig into Byzance Vintage for total control at all times. It’s a sound that fits into any music that isn’t in the upper decibel levels.

Unique Sound;;B20 Bronze Alloy;;Special Surface Treatment;;Made in Turkey

Finish: Dark;;Raw
Material: B20 Bronze
Product Type: Smack Stack
Pitch: Low
Character: Experimental;;Vintage;;Dry
Timbre: Dark
Volume: Medium To Low
Lathe: None
To Clean: not recommended
Shaping: Bending
Sustain: Short
Music Style: Pop;;Fusion;;Funk;;R&B;;Studio;;Electro
Size Cymbal 1: 8
Size Cymbal 2: 16
Size Cymbal 3:
Size Cymbal 4:
Size Cymbal 5:
Size Cymbal Stack:
Weight Cymbal: Medium


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