Pure Alloy - Cymbal Set

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Pure Alloy cymbals sonically bridge the gap between the darker and brighter cymbals in Meinl’s lineup, filling the middle ground. Their shimmering, smooth sounds cut with agility and have a full range of tonality with medium sustain making them perfect for all dynamic levels. The crashes and rides have a perfect mix of effortless strength and a balanced wash, while the hihats carry a clean, refined definition.

This set of Pure Alloy cymbals is suited for all dynamic levels, and they cover a wide tonal spectrum from warm shimmering responses to bright cut and medium sustain. The 14" hihats have great all-around balance and control, the 16" crash produces a punchy attack, and the 20" ride features strong articulation with warm undertones in the wash and a strong bell.

Product Features: Suited for all dynamic levels; Timeless sounds; For all styles; Made in Germany
Materials: Pure Alloy
Included Products: PA14MH; PA16MC; PA20MR

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