The Artist Concept - Benny Greb - Crasher Hats

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Working closely with some of the most creative drummers on the planet, Artist Concept Models were born from collaborations with our Meinl Cymbals artists to develop new and unique sounds. Each process involved combining different cymbals to create effect stacks or auxiliary hihats which best met that artist's vision. In some cases, multiple series or alloys were used to find the perfect result.

Benny Greb: Is it a shaker? A programmed & pitched hihat sample? Is it a crasher percussion effect? No, it’s the Crasher Hats. I wanted something that was super short, dry, clear and high in frequency but still very dynamic that could fulfi ll a whispering shaker-like role in the music. Tough to get! So we had to create something completely unique. Four separate cymbals sandwiched together. They have different shoulders so they collapse against each other at every hit. The result is incredible. A very unique sound that blends beautifully with ghost notes and other subdivisions, but can also make a very percussive statement. Always sounds perfect without any unwanted noise or sustaining ring.Iit has become part of my sound. Check it out. It‘s such a useful instrument. I absolutely love it.

Materials: B20 Bronze; B8 Bronze
Finish: Raw
Material: B20 Bronze; B8 Bronze
Product Type: Stack
Pitch: High-Mid
Character: Trashiness; Mellow
Timbre: Mid-Bright
Volume: Low
Lathe: None
To Clean: Meinl Cymbal Cleaner
Shaping: Hand Hammering
Sustain: Short
Music Style: Electro; Jazz; R&B; Studio; World; Reggae; Pop; Fusion
Size Cymbal: 6
Size Cymbal Stack: 6
Weight Cymbal: Thin