Hihat Tambourine - Super Flex

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To get a highly responsive tambourine sound, the Meinl Super Flex Hihat Tambourine is made with a flexible and lightweight frame that contours to the profile of your cymbal. This focuses all energy on the jingles, fully activating them to give you outstanding hihat foot tambourine response without a heavy, lagging feel. The Super Flex Hihat Tambourine is equipped with ten pairs of stainless steel jingles that deliver a bright sound with plenty of volume to shine through the mix, whether you need it for foot accents or to brighten up your sticking patterns. This accessory is perfect for adding and removing from your hihat quickly instead dealing with wingnut attachments. Measuring 9.5” across, you have more surface area occupied by jingles to ensure your tambourine accents are heard clearly in any setting. Great for live or studio use.

Super flexible frame produces enhanced hihat tambourine accents
10 pairs of stainless steel jingles deliver a clear and bright sound
Extra-wide 9.5" shape gives you outstanding foot response
Shines through the mix to easily blend a tambourine effect into your grooves

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