Crystal Singing Bowl 10" - F4 - with handle

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The white-frosted Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowls with handle and made of high-purity quartz and pure clear quartz create a very pleasant aura with their sound and design. Their long-lasting, spherical tone spreads when the singing bowl is gently tapped or rubbed so that the energy can be felt in the entire surrounding.

The comfortable and clear hollow handle makes it possible to play the singing bowl even when standing and to control it well. The handle allows the healing vibrations to be sent directly to a specific location. These Singing Bowls are therefore perfect for use at home or even for professional use.

This bowl has a diameter of 10" /25 cm and vibrates in note F4. The corresponding heart chakra promotes confidence, optimism, warmth, cheerfulness, compassion, and helpfulness.

You can use Crystal Singing Bowls for a variety of purposes: Chakra healing, meditation, sound therapy, yoga, improving your home Fengshui, adjusting your emotional state, or even for room decorating.

A4/a' 432 Hz
Note F4 (about 342.88 Hz)
Heart Chakra
10" / 25 cm diameter
White-frosted bowl with clear hollow handle to hold
Precisely control the healing vibrations
Perfect for use at home or even professional use
Extremely long-lasting resonance

Materials: Quartz
Diameter Inch: 10"

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