Crystal Singing Bowl Protective Sleeve Set

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The Meinl Sonic Energy Protective Sleeve Set for Crystal Singing Bowls is designed to stack your crystal singing bowls safely and securely inside each other. As a result, you need fewer bags and therefore less storage space on your trips.

Example of an ideal stacking:
To pack your 7-piece Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set from Meinl Sonic Energy, you only need two 14" Bags (CSBB14) plus the Protective Sleeve Set.

First 14" Bag:
14" Crystal Singing Bowl, 12" Sleeve, 12" Crystal Singing Bowl, 10" Sleeve, 10" Crystal Singing Bowl, 8" Sleeve, 8" Crystal Singing Bowl.

Second 14" Bag:
13" Sleeve (so it will not move in bag), 13" Crystal Singing Bowl, 11" Sleeve, 11" Crystal Singing Bowl, 9" Sleeve, 9" Crystal Singing Bowl.

Including six Protective Sleeves: 8", 9",10", 11", 12", 13"
Stack your crystal singing bowls and save space
Soft padding for your crystal singing bowls
Compatible with the Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl Bags
Perfect for stacking the whole Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Set in just two bags

Materials: Neoprene
Diameter Inch: 8", 9",10", 11", 12", 13"