Hanging Iron Bell 18" - Black

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The Meinl Sonic Energy Hanging Iron Bell is great for meditation, relaxation, therapy applications and is also a great sound effect. Attach the Iron Bell statically to the top of the hook or hold it with one hand to play it with the other while moving. Control the sound by gently tilting the cord to the side to strike the outer surface.

This model features a particularly deep tone with a long reverberation. Enjoy the soft and soothing sound. A decorative symbol at the bottom of the cord, completes this beautiful instrument.

The Meinl Sonic Energy Hanging Iron Bell has a UV and a weather-resistant finish. Please note, however, that even this instrument can rust if you use it outdoors for more than a year. Therefore, keep this instrument away from direct exposure to the elements.

Soft and soothing sound
Long-lasting resonance
For meditation, relaxation, therapy applications, or as sound effect
Leaf symbol at the bottom
Height-adjustable pendulum
Suspension ring

Tuning: B#5 - D#5
Dimensions:17.72" height x 3.94" depth
Materials: Iron, plastic, nylon cord
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