Hoop Drum 15" - Tree of Life

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Meinl Sonic Energy Native American-Style Hoop Drums have a hand-selected buffalo head for an authentic sound that is both warm and powerful. The skin is pulled around the back and laced across the middle for a traditional yet adjustable grip. The stable frame is made of lightweight premium fiberglass. Comes with a leather padded wooden beater.

The Tree of Life is a sign of rebirth because, during the winter, trees lose their leaves and appear to be dead, yet in the spring, new buds form and new, fresh leaves unfurl. This marks the start of a new life and a new beginning.

Warm and powerful sound
Adjustable hand grip
Tree of life symbol
15" / 38 cm diameter
Includes: Leather padded wooden beater

Materials: Nylon Lacing and Grip
Hand-selected buffalo head
Includes: Beater
Diameter Inch: 15"

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