MEINL Sonic Energy Chimes Stand - Black

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Our Meinl Sonic Energy Chimes Stand is a fully adjustable, double-braced tripod stand made of solid steel. Adjust it flexibly and mount your chimes at a comfortable height. The black powder coating gives it an attractive finish to match any instrument or environment.
Rubber feet prevent slipping, even on slippery surfaces, and ensure a secure stand at all times. For transport or storage, you can fold the stand to save space.

Full angle and height adjustability
Secure angle clamps
Telescoping stem
Made of black powder coated steel
Rubber feet to prevent from slipping
Maximum height: 157 cm
Minimum height: 76 cm
Packing size: 60 cm x 12 cm x 10 cm
Weight: about 2 kg

Materials: Powder coated steel