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Rivets are used to add character to the sustain of a cymbal. Traditionally used to manipulate a cymbals response by adding as many or few as needed for the desired sound.
Installation is a breeze, simply insert the rivet into the hole, and bend the bottom ends out. These steel rivets come either chrome or brass plated, giving you an even wider range of timbres to choose from.
So if you have a cymbal that had rivets at one point or if you just want to change the sound of your cymbal, grab a pack of Meinl Cymbal Rivets and enjoy the ride.

Disclaimer: These are designed to work in existing holes, drilling new holes in your cymbal will void the warranty.

Add A Sizzle Sound To Your Cymbals
3 Easy To Install Rivets To A Pack
Brass Plated Steel

Colour: Brass