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Grammy-nominated producer, composer, and instrumentalist Diego Galé has devoted his artistic life to the knowledge of Afro-Cuban music to integrate it with his special way of creating music with flavor. The MEINL Percussion Diego Galé Artist Series Congas and Bongos are just what Diego needs in terms of comfort, look, and sound. Diego started playing at an early age on bongos, later adding congas. He wanted his signature models to be wood because of its classic and original sound that represents the roots of his musical journey. Made with chamchuri wood and equipped with brushed nickel finish hardware, the shells have a stunning and unique look. Their sound is rich and dynamic, full of popping highs and warm lows for both studio and live situations. The congas have the classic MEINL shape to the shell and come in two versions: with buffalo skin heads or REMO® Fiberskyn® Symmetry heads. The bongos come with calfskin heads or Remo® Fiberskyn® Symmetry heads.

Produkt Spezifikationen: Klassische MEINL Conga-Form
Zwei Fell-Optionen (Natur- und Synthetikfell)
Gute Balance zwischen Gewicht und Resonanz/ Klang

Material: 2-lagiges Chamchuri Holz
Farbe: Natürlich
Breite Inch: 12.5
Höhe Inch: 30
Tiefe Inch: 12.5
Größe: 12,5"
Enthalten: MEINL Conga Saver, Soundpads, Zubehör-Beutel, L-förmiger Stimmschlüssel, Tune up Öl
Proposition 65: ja
Finish: Hochglänzend
Körper Material: Chamchuri Holz
Fell: Handselektiertes Büffelfell
Hardware: Brushed nickle
Spannschrauben: 10 mm starke Stimmschrauben
Spannreifen: 4 mm abgerundete SSR-Rims, brushed nickle
Spannreifen Typ: SSR
Durchmesser Quinto:
Durchmesser Conga:
Durchmesser Tumba: 12.5

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