NINO® Artisan Edition Cajon - White Oak

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Made in Spain under the design and care of renown cajon luthier Jose Pepote Diaz, the NINO Artisan Edition cajon features an upscale build with fine craftsmanship. An elegant white oak frontplate dishes out crisp snare hits and deep bass tones. Inside the cajon run 8 pre-tuned custom micro-coiled steel cajon strings that deliver a sensitive snare effect. The NINO Artisan Edition cajon is outfitted with a Baltic Birch resonating body, which develops each hit into a full-bodied percussive tone. Perfect for young musicians who are serious about playing, as well as adults who are interested in a quality cajon.

Resonating Body Material: Baltic Birch (Betula Pendula)
Front Plate Material: White Oak
Age Rating: 3