Athmosphere Balanced Nylon Strings - Hard Tension

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The finest professional nylon strings with outstanding characteristics. Through our engineering process, we calculate the windings, thickness, and core of the 3 bass strings and through this, we managed to create fully balanced string sets which resulted in a never before seen or heard feel and tone. This adds flexibility and increases the vibration & resonance which ultimately emerge into an extraordinary brightness and crystal clear sound experience - fully balanced and made with traditional German craftsmanship.

Balanced tension for wound strings
Clear nylon trebles strings
Wound, silver plated copper basses
Made in Germany
Increased string vibration & resonance
Crystal clear sound experience
Extra D-String included
Hard tension

Type Tension: Hard
Type Strings: Guitarlele
Diameter: .044w / .036w / .030w / .039 / .031 / .028
Origin: Made in Germany

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