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Meinl Drum Rugs are designed specifically for drummers and percussionists with tightly woven fabric that spurs and stands can dig into for a super strong grip.
These rugs keep your gear stable and can accommodate any number of drum kit or percussion configurations.
This compact design is great for smaller setups, and the graphics give you a more personalized vibe.
A no-slip rubber bottom keeps the rug from creeping as you play on any surface and is durable to prevent spurs from puncturing through.
Includes a bag and equipped with a strap to roll the rug up for easy transport.

Tightly Woven Fabric Creates A Strong Grip With Spurs And Stands
Durable No-slip Rubber Bottom
Compact Size For Smaller Drum Or Percussion Setups
Ideal For Smaller Stage Footprint
Equipped With Strap And Includes Bag
160cm (5,25ft) x 140cm (4,6ft)
Design: Oriental

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