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B-STOCK: model from exhibition


The MEINL VivaRhythm Cajon 2 Go is the ultimate grab-and-go instrument! Made entirely of cardboard, this instrument pops up from a single flat piece into a full size cajon in four easy steps. The structure is stable and can comfortably hold children or adult players. Inside is a fixed set of snare wires to provide a crisp snare drum sound. The cardboard material provides naturally deep bass, making the Cajon 2 Go a great, inexpensive alternative to the traditional wood style cajon construction.

Folds from a single flat piece into a full size cajon
Internal fixed set of snare wires
Comfortably holds up to 150kg/330lbs
Naturally deep bass and crisp snare sounds

Color: Cardboard
Resonating Body Material: Cardboard
Playing Surface Material: Cardboard
Feature String: snare

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